I got my luggage tags in the mail the other day for my flights.  I received three of these bad boys, along with customs paperwork for the equipment I'll be hand-carrying down and stuff like that.  Two for my personal bags, and one for the briefcase-like box I'll have as a carry-on that will contain in it six or seven of the modules I'm building.  I've seen these tags before and I always think the penguin on them is the Linux penguin at first glance, but it isn't.  USAP stands for United States Antarctic Program.

My USAP luggage tag.

     And speaking of penguins, a lot of people ask (in jest, of course) if I would bring them back a penguin.  Truth of the matter is, I may not even see any penguins.  There aren't any at the South Pole so my chance to see them is when I'm passing through McMurdo Station on the coast of Antarctica.  On the departing (deploying) and returning (redeploying) trip I could be sitting at McMurdo for as little as a day and as long as a week or more, depending on the weather.  Those will be my chances to see penguins.  Some times they're around, sometimes they aren't.  But if they ARE there, you can count on me taking pictures and posting them.