Some people have asked if it's possible to send and receive mail at the South Pole.  The answer to both questions is yes!  If you want to send me anything you can reach me at:

Jason Henning, A-379-S
South Pole Station
PSC 468 Box 400
APO AP 96598

This includes packages as well, but I understand that flat mail is given priority, and science equipment and supplies highest priority of all, so it could take a while to get to me.  If you're sending a package, it can take up to two months depending on the size and weight, which means don't send it past the first week of December or I can't guarantee I'll still be at the Pole when it arrives!  Also, please don't use packing peanuts or other packing materials that are generally thrown away.  The USAP recommends using recyclable materials and items that can be re-used or packed with me for re-deployment.

     I'm happy to send post cards too.  If you're interested, just shoot me an email with the address you want me to send it to and I'll make sure you get one.  I'll mail post cards from the Pole, but I can't guarantee you'll get it before I return to the States...