It feels like I only just got back but I'm off to the Pole again in just 11 short days. Where did this year go? The telescope and the new camera are collecting data 24/7 and we're seeing some exciting stuff - more on that in the future. There are some improvements we want to make, though, so I'm deploying again with my friends and colleagues from last year to upgrade the camera for the next phase of the project: a 3-year survey of the CMB attempting to detect polarization from gravitational waves for the first time. Very exciting!

I CAN get mail at the Pole, and would love to get a postcard or package. If you're interested in sending something to the bottom of the Earth, my address is:

Jason Henning
South Pole Station:
A-379-S PSC 768 Box 400
APO AP 96598

It can take a few weeks for mail to arrive, so please make sure to send things before December 15th. I promise I'll send a post card to anyone who mails me something!

I'll be posting again soon, so keep your eyes peeled.