My flight is apparently delayed, but I'm still scheduled to leave the Pole today.  That made last night my last night at Pole.  I headed out to the telescope one last time to do a bit of clean up and organizing.  It's sort of sad to think this might be my last time here.  But, All Good Things.... (yes, that's a TNG reference).

Looking back at the station from the telescope one last time.

Goodbye, SPT!

As one last social activity a group of us played the BSG board game again.  It was a close battle, with 4 Humans and 2 Cylons, but in the end the cylons were able to destroy Galactica and win the game.

Staged, but this sort of thing is common, especially in the first half of the game.  You can't trust anyone - anyone could be a cylon - and that lends itself to awesome accusations and logic games to convince people that you are, in fact, human.  AWESOME.

Evaluating a skill check during the game.  The humans more than likely lost massive resources right after this.

It's been a fantastic season, and the camera is working great.  The data from last year are really excellent, and the data from the coming observing season will be even better.  Stay tuned for early results and more news soon.  This is probably it for my posts from Pole, but I'll post again when I have internet on my way home over the next several days.

SPT'ers surrounding the new Pole marker.  Awesome project.  Awesome people.